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37 Swanston Street
Melbourne, VIC, 3000



 Rebecca Ramage Photographer

Rebecca Ramage Photographer

 Rebecca Ramage Photographer

Rebecca Ramage Photographer

Esther Weinberg Jewellery

Esther Weinberg is a jeweller and maker based in Melbourne. With clients located across Australia and beyond.

Esther designs and constructs made to order jewellery for people who love pieces that are unique, one of kind and crafted by hand. She has a passion for taking objects from childhood and transforming them into wearable jewellery.

In 2006 she launched Eleven Hearts Jewellery, a label stocked in boutiques in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Eleven Hearts inspired and fuelled her passion for jewellery and metalsmithing and she then was accepted into the products design at NMIT and gold and silversmithing programs at RMIT.

Esther studied product design at NMIT from 2008 - 2009 and gold and silver smithing at RMIT from 2010 - 2012.

At NMIT, the technical training was emphasised. Learning hand skills was particularly important in developing the craft. Esther learnt how to work with a variety of materials such as resin, acrylic, timber and metal. Learning the processes of working with metals, model making and three dimensional modelling provided her with a broad range of skills in all aspect of jewellery making. Included within the NMIT course was an internship that she completed with the House of Baulch. Being taught by Caz Guiney and Anna Davern were the highlights of her experience there.

 Circles - Hand dyed plastic, cardboard tubing & stainless steel wire 2009.

Circles - Hand dyed plastic, cardboard tubing & stainless steel wire 2009.

RMIT gave her a rounded view of jewellery and art history. This was a highly conceptual jewellery course pushing ideas and the formation of practice. Esther was inspired to direct my practice into silver smithing and creating larger objects, such as the eponymous RMIT teapot.

 Women's Chain - Sterling silver & silk 2010.

Women's Chain - Sterling silver & silk 2010.

In 2011, Esther established her studio in the Nicholas Building in the traditional heart of Melbourne’s rag trade, a heritage building well know for its creative industry small businesses. For a design consultation with Esther please get contact here


Exhibition record - 

Curious Eidolon Birthday - 2007 - Group exhibition. Curious Eidolon, Melbourne, Australia.

Midway - 2008 - NMIT Product Design first year exhibition. NMIT Preston, Melbourne, Australia.

Connect 7 - 2009 - NMIT Product Design Graduate exhibition. Off the Kerb Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

Shady Pasts - 2010 - Group exhibition. Per Square Meter Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

Got a nice ring to it - 2010 - RMIT - Gold and Silversmithing, first year. First Site Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

WORK hardened - 2011 - RMIT - Gold and Silversmithing, second year. Boscia Gallery, Melbourne Australia

As Above, So Below - 2012 - RMIT Gold and Silversmithing, graduate year. Victorian Artist Society, Melbourne, Australia